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We are a consulting firm specializing in Title-24 Energy Calculations. We provide Title-24 documentation for Residential and Non Residential Buildings. We can also provide Heating and Cooling Load Calculations. We also can perform duct tests as an authorized CHEERS rater.


What is a CHEERS rater ?
CHEERS® has a number of Certifications that individuals may apply for. The certification levels are listed below. CHEERS Certified New Construction Rater – This certification allows the individual to perform verifications for new homes. This classification level pertains to two specific areas within the new home market. The first, are homes that need verification for Title-24 compliance. The second, are homes needing EPA Energy Star verifications. To be certified under this category the individual must attend, and pass, a 3-day training class. CHEERS Existing Housing Rater – As a CHEERS Existing Housing Rater, an individual will collect data on existing homes and enter it into CHEERS proprietary software to attain the energy ratings for these homes. Each individual is provided with a copy of the software, and is taught how to use it during one day of the 4-day training class required for this certification. CHEERS Energy Analyst – This classification level is for Title-24 Consultants that work with builders on the construction of EPA Energy Star Homes. Individuals in this category utilize Micropas Title-24 software.



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